A True Story of the Ongoing Struggle for Peace and Justice in Our Violent World

Father Harry J. Bury is a Catholic priest unlike any you have ever met, and his life reads like an adventure novel. But this is not fiction—it is the testament of a life lived to make a difference. Against all odds, with unwavering faith, he carries his message of love, peace, and non-violence as a priest, political activist, and warrior for peace. Nearing his 90th year, Father Bury hopes his story will inspire and encourage others.

Bury’s the story in Maverick Priest: A Story of Life on the Edge, is about one man’s unique journey around the world, in the name of human connection, peace, and active nonviolence. The Catholic priest’s well-structured memoir also received good reviews from a renowned institution.

His travels through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Costa Rica, Philippines, Africa, Palestine and Israel, span over 60 years. Sometimes he ended in compromising and often dangerous situations with American law enforcement, foreign governments, and the church alike.

He was:

  • Kidnapped at gunpoint in Gaza,
  • Arrested at the Pentagon,
  • Chained to the gates of the American Embassy in Saigon,  
  • Participated in the release of American POWs in Vietnam,
  • Served at the side of Mother Theresa in Calcutta,
  • Arrested by Swiss Guards for saying Mass on the steps of the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome, and
  • Awarded the Key to Ho Chi Minh City in gratitude for his efforts to end the war in Vietnam.

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