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An Invitation to Think and Feel Differently in the New Millennium describes an innovative way of looking at life that brings meaning and  fulfillment to oneself and others. It tells stories that touch the deepest layers of our humanness, awakening our imagination and transforming our understanding in a manner that delights and fulfills us.

The intent of this book is to generate new stories for the New Millennium in order to overcome cynicism with reasonable hopefulness, while suggesting practical measures “the least of us” can take to make life wonderful for

ourselves and for everyone in the world.

This Emerging Worldview consists in each person’s changing four unconscious, fundamental assumptions; together with a critical mass of people across our planet, we find that this change in consciousness is transforming human life in the New Millennium. Readers are urgently invited to create their own stories to manifest and improve the transformation.


This concise guide to college and workplace success is filled with practical real-life school and workplace examples and active learning activities that will challenge readers' intellectual and personal growth. Coverage of the essential study skills (note-taking, test-taking, textbook reading, time management), life skills (computer skills, critical thinking, creative thinking, personal growth), and career skills (communication skills, team building skills, job search skills, workplace skills) that are key to academic and career success. Those interested in acquiring or improving core skills for academic and career success.


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An Invitation to Think & Feel Differently in the new Millennium

Paperback; Trafford Publishing ISBN: 9781426942655

Foreword by Prof. Suresh Srivastava

March 2011

©2014 Harry J. Bury All Rights Reserved

College and Career Success Simplified

Harry J. Bury (Author), Susanne M. Alexander (Author), Eileen Teare (Author), George Eppley (Author), Anita Dixon Eppley (Author), Judith Cauley (Author)

Paperback: Longman ISBN: 9780321127457

August 2003

“This book is essential reading for the conscious evolution of society.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Founder


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