Harry J Bury

Maverick Priest: A Story of Life on the Edge

  1. Unchained – First trip to Vietnam and first protest against the war. Harry and three others are arrested after chaining themselves to the U. S. Embassy Gate, and taken into custody by the Saigon police.
  2. From the Beginning – Harry sets his intention to be a priest at age 15.
  3. Aftermath– Questioned by Vietnamese authorities, and second arrest.
  4. Seminaries– Finding a path.
  5. Another Invitation – to Vietnam
  6. Early Priesthood, Unaware, Restless – Study at Notre Dame University. First contact with Mother Teresa.
  7. Newman Apostolate: In the Beginning – New assignment on University campus
  8. Newman Apostolate: The Beginning of the End – Major events of the 1960’s and their influence on Harry.
  9. Graduate School Beginnings – Acceptance to Case Western Reserve University
  10. First Trip to Vietnam and an Invitation to Return
  11. Personal Development – PhD dissertation and new realizations about underdevelopment of priests.
  12. Jobs – Joined Baldwin-Wallace College as an assistant professor and associate director of the Masters in Business Administration Program.  
  13. Openings – Another invitation to return to Vietnam and a look at how the embargo affected the country.
  14. Responding to a World Under Threat – Foreign policy leading up to the war in Iraq. A trip to Gaza, Rafah, and also to Muwasse, and the future of Palestine.
  15. Holy Week in Vietnam—March/April 1994 – A change in status in Vietnam.
  16. Thailand – Teaching in Thailand and three influential people met along the way..   
  17. Vietnam Revisited 2014 – Cultural differences impacting the church.
  18. Another Mission – A new stage in life and a return to the Twin Cities, and a new calling: The peaceful non-violent movement.
  19. The End is the Beginning – Socialization, assumptions, and emotional discoveries.  
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