Harry J Bury


Harry J Bury

Maverick Priest by Father Harry Bury, who lives up to the title of his remarkable and honest autobiography, offers us a deep and profound insight into the good intentions and flaws of “the church” and of ourselves.

He bears his soul in his writing as he gives us a glimpse into the minds and hearts of religious and secular leaders–including Mother Teresa, who was a special friend and inspiration to him. 

His commitment and dedication to helping the people of Vietnam is commendable as is his commitment for us to understand the unjustified atrocities eventuated by wars.

A major theme of Bury’s book is we must stop using war as a means of international policy and make every effort to build bridges of understanding between countries–and each other.  He emphasizes this can only happen if we are willing to put major efforts into understanding ourselves as individuals in order to better understand others.  His book will inspire you to open your mind and heart to the most important three words in all literature: God is Love.  

– Paddy S. Welles, Ph.D., co-author of LOVE AND WAR: Human Nature in Crisis

Maverick Priest by Father Harry J. Bury is an extraordinary book by an extraordinary Catholic priest.  Fr. Bury has been a warrior for peace in our violent world for most of his 90 years. He has waged peace in Vietnam, India, Africa, Palestine, Israel, and elsewhere. He has led demonstrations for peace everywhere and served at the side of Mother Teresa in India. In Gaza, he pleaded, “For God’s sake, for humanity’s sake, stop the killing!” His relentless peacemaking efforts offended some governmental, political, and church authorities; and he has been arrested and jailed everywhere, and once kidnapped at gunpoint.  But nothing could dissuade him from taking seriously and acting on Jesus’ command to “love.”  “Forgiveness dominates Jesus’ life and teaching,” he writes.  This is no ordinary pastor.  Peacemakers run the risk of being jailed, abused, and even crucified. But it was Jesus who said, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

 Cal Samra, Editor of The Joyful Noiseletter, Author of The Pursuit of Health and Longevity

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